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UAE’s capital, Abu Dhabi, stands out for its rich culture and perfectly blends with the city’s rising modernity. From housing record-breaking theme parks and cultural villages to building the country’s largest mosque, Abu Dhabi has a lot to offer. The city has also become home to thousands of immigrants, making it one of the most multicultural destinations to visit in the Middle East. 

What’s more? The city highlights get elevated to a whole new level with the arrival of the region’s largest awe-inspiring attraction - The Abu Dhabi National Aquarium.  Spanning across 5000 square metres, with over 40,000 marine creatures on display, the National Aquarium guarantees an ultimate aquatic experience for both tourists and residents. Read on to learn about your Abu Dhabi National Aquarium tickets and what to expect during your visit.

Why Visit National Aquarium

Prepare yourselves for an educational and entertaining experience at Abu Dhabi National Aquarium. Here are some of the top reasons why shouldn't miss out on this attraction!

Abu Dhabi National Aquarium
  • Al Qana brings you a wide range of exciting experiences among which Abu Dhabi National Aquarium is a must-visit.
  • Spanning across 5000 sqm, the Abu Dhabi National Aquarium brings you 10 unique zones
  • The aquarium has the largest tunnel in the Middle East where you'll be surrounded by professional divers and 250 colourful species.
Abu Dhabi National Aquarium
  • Explore over 40,000 marine animals brought from various parts of the world
  • With over 60 exhibitions, interactive underwater shows and live scuba feeding sessions, the Abu Dhabi National Aquarium has a lot to offer.
  • Don't miss out on the nautical-inspired cafes, restaurants and shops catering to both families and children for a memorable experience.

Things To See & Do at Abu Dhabi National Aquarium

Abu Dhabi National Aquarium

10 Themed Zones

The Abu Dhabi National Aquarium will be made of 10 themed zones, where each offers a unique experience of discovering rare and exotic species across different themes. The guests will get to see the ecosystems thriving in action and enjoy the aqua world in its truest form. The marine creatures range from those in the Arabian Gulf to the Red Sea and the Pacific.

Abu Dhabi National Aquarium

Conservation and Education

Abu Dhabi National Aquarium brings you a wide range of activities solely dedicated to fun educational programs. By hosting a wide range of experiences, the aquarium aims to interact and engage with a massive crowd giving a glimpse into the marine world and spreading awareness about protecting each species.

Abu Dhabi National Aquarium

Live Feeding Sessions

Make your experience meaningful by participating in interactive sessions like live-feeding. Get up close and personal with friendly animals whilst being accompanied by professional trainers to immerse in a one of a kind experience.

All Your Questions About Abu Dhabi National Aquarium Tickets Answered

Is the Abu Dhabi National Aquarium open to visitors?

It is confirmed that the Abu Dhabi National Aquarium tickets will be opening in 2021. However, the final dates are yet to be announced.

How can I get to Abu Dhabi National Aquarium?

The Abu Dhabi National Aquarium is located along Khor Al Maqta – a quaint yet historic waterway. If you're travelling by bus, take route no 56 which passes through the Al Maqta region.

What are the different animals I can see at the Abu Dhabi National Aquarium?

There are over 250 species of organisms that you can see at the Abu Dhabi National Aquarium, including Sand Tiger Sharks, Giant Groupers, and over 400 sharks and Rays.

Which are the best aquariums in the UAE?

Apart from the Abu Dhabi National Aquarium, you can also visit the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, and the Sharjah Aquarium for an immersive experience.

Do you have to book Abu Dhabi National Aquarium tickets before arriving at the venue?

The Abu Dhabi National Aquarium tickets are yet to released. However, once the slots open up, it is advised to book your tickets online to avoid overcrowding at the venue.

What are the different things I can do with my Abu Dhabi National Aquarium tickets?

In the National Aquarium, you can walk through the different themed zones and learn more about their habitat and the various marine creatures living under the land. There are also 60 exhibitions and several interactive and educational programmes where the whole family can learn about the aquatic world.